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Primary listing

New credits being issued on the URECA marketplace


No projects available

Currently traded on the exchange

Buy and sell carbon credits that have completed their Primary Credit Listing (does not apply to carbon credits that are for retirement / offset only)


No projects available


Buy, sell and trade carbon credits from projects that have effectively reduced or removed greenhouse gas emissions and track the impact of your investment


By purchasing carbon offsets or credits, you can compensate for your own carbon emissions while supporting the development of sustainable projects around the world.


By investing in verified carbon credits on our marketplace, you can not only help mitigate climate change but earn various rewards and incentives through our ecosystem

Immediate retirement

The carbon credits from these projects are for immediate retirement only and cannot be resold or traded on the exchange

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For developers

Don’t be shy! Reach out to us to learn how the URECA platform empowers high - impact project developers scale through the carbon financing they deserve